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Growing safety concerns over cannabis sold in Colorado shops

Photo Provided by Unsplash, Cambridge Jenkins IV.

By Madison Lira

Cannabis sold in several Colo. dispensaries, including Colo. Springs, has been issued a health and safety warning by the Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Batches produced by Green Street LLC have been identified as having tested positive for unsafe growths of Aspergillus, mold, and yeast.

According to the advisory, CDOR put out the batches “sold to patients or consumers between November 18, 2022, and February 21, 2023.” 

The batches had initially passed contaminant testing but then failed the retesting for these contaminants. The affected cannabis should have a label affixed to the container indicating the licensing number of the regulated business that cultivated the weed. These numbers should also indicate the batch numbers assigned to the cannabis (bud/shake/trim). The CDOR released not only the types of batches that were contaminated but also the dispensaries/ stores that sold these batches of cannabis. 

Some signs and symptoms that you might have consumed cannabis that has been contaminated are coughing, nausea, and vomiting. Highly unpleasant but are considered to be much milder symptoms compared to those who are immunocompromised or even allergic to the mold/ yeast contaminants found in the cannabis. Some allergic reactions that can occur if you have ingested contaminated weed are sinus pain, drainage, congestion, and wheezing. 

The Aspergillus fungi, also found in some batches, usually pose no risk for some individuals as many of us breathe in the tiny spores daily. However, immunocompromised patients could be at risk of developing an aspergillosis infection. The symptoms of the infection are fever, chills, bloody cough, shortness of breath, chest/joint pain, headaches, and skin lesions. The infection can bring serious complications, such as bleeding in your lungs or spreading the disease to your kidneys, brain, and heart, which can prove fatal. 

Anyone who purchased batches from listed stores is urged to destroy or return the marijuana to the stores it was purchased from for proper disposal, according to CDOR. Those who have ingested the batches in any way and experiencing any type of adverse symptoms should seek medical attention and report the incident to the Marijuana Enforcement Division by submitting a reporting form. 

The CDOR and various news sites, including KKTV-11 News, have released the batch/licensing numbers and stores that the batches were sold in for the public to check their containers if they purchased from these dispensaries. 


Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facility: 403-01933

Retail Marijuana Cultivation Facility: 403R-01199


Total Yeast and Mold Contaminated Medical Harvest Batches:

WaffleconeR4HB10312022 (also failed for Aspergillus)


Aspergillus Contaminated Medical Harvest Batches:



Total Yeast and Mold Contaminated Retail Harvest Batches:



Sold at the following Medical Marijuana Stores: 

PI Holdings, INC (402-01144) Doing business as “The Chronic Boutique” 325 East Pikes Peak Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80902 

Magnolia Road, INC (402-00883) Doing business as “Magnolia Road Cannabis Company” 1750 30th Street, Unit 84B Boulder, CO. 80301 

Platte Valley Dispensary, LLC (402-00588) Doing business as “Platte Valley Dispensary” 2301 7th Street, Unit B Denver, CO. 80211 

Adams Green Crossing, LLC (402-01145) Doing business as “The Chronic Boutique” 2727 Palmer Park Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO. 80909 


Sold at the following Retail Marijuana Stores:

 Magnolia Road, INC (402R-00327) Doing business as “Magnolia Road Cannabis Company” 1750 30th Street, Unit 84A Boulder, CO 80301 

Magnolia Road, INC (402R-00962) Doing business as “Magnolia Road Cannabis Company” 1995 West Midway Boulevard Broomfield, CO 80020

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